What Is Unique About Life Coaching?

We will try to answer the question of “What is life coaching?” by looking at what is unique about it.

Life coaching is a discipline that is mostly confused with mentoring, and sometimes people mix it up with counseling. Furthermore, as the origins of life coaching is based on business coaching, sometimes people mix it up with consulting Tony Robbins London 2020 Tickets.

What differentiates coaching and makes it unique among the other disciplines that seem to be similar to it, is the fact that it is a futuristic discipline with a hands off technique that leaves identifying the problem and finding the solution totally in the hands of the client.

So here to answer the basic question of what is life coaching, we can say that a coach helps a person through questions and without any advise to identify the objective and how to reach there. Therefore, all the answers come from the client and only questions come from the coach.

It is the answer to what is life coaching that shows us what is so unique about this discipline, and what differentiates it from the other seemingly similar disciplines.

It is very important to note here that in this article we are not trying to show which discipline is right and which is wrong. Also we are not trying to show which one is better than the other. Each discipline has its advantages and different techniques to help the client.

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