Why Would a Christian Need a Life Coach?

Why would a Christian need a life coach, they have Jesus don’t they?

Of course they have Jesus, of course they have the comfort of the Holy Spirit. They have God’s Word for direction and they have a church and pastor for advice and counsel. But God has provided another resource and tool that addresses common concerns of life, the Christian Life Coach. Here are some reasons a Christian might find it beneficial to have a Christian Life Coach Tony Robbins Sydney.

Because all Christians are humans and are subject to hurt, discouragement, loneliness, getting off course, illness, stress, just as any other human falls prey to. The Bible says two are better than one because when one falls down the other helps him up. Having a coach at your back provides support.
Because all mankind is given gifts and talents to be used and sometimes they blossom better when support is given from a coach.
Because Christians need a trusted source to confidentially brainstorm with or vent to.
Because God has given each of us assignments and we may become more productive when making intentional plans with a life coach, and having the accountability of our coach.
Because the Bible says to make plans by seeking advice. A coach can sometimes help us think of issues with our plan that we might not have thought of; can give us clarity about how we are interpreting a situation; can challenge us about different aspects of our plan.
A Coach can be the person we practice a difficult conversation with.
Christians can get stale or in a rut just like any other person. A Coach can help us out of our rut.
A Christian life coach prays. The Bible says when two or more are gathered the Lord is there with them. The coaching sessions are spirit covered.

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